~ A Non-Profit Organization ~

The Friends of the Vallejo Public Library are a group of dedicated volunteers and those interested in helping to enhance public library services. We offer assistance with the Library's ongoing programs. The Friends' efforts and dues provide the means to enrich the libraries’ offerings and, in particular, the children’s programs.

The Friends appreciate the value of books and realize the need for reading for both young and old. Our goal is to promote the library as a cultural and educational institution. In addition, the Friends hope to make up for short falls in the library budget. We welcome those who wish to volunteer their time and effort or money to support this cause.

Our chief yearly activity is the Annual Book Sale, open to the public, usually set for March or April. This is when we raise the majority of our money to help fund library programs. In addition, we have an on-going sale throughout the year on the main level of the JFK Library. Donations of books, videos, compact disks, DVDs, records, and computer programs are always welcome and will be transformed into funds needed to enhance the library. Donations may be left at the JFK Library counter main desk throughout the year. Such donations are tax deductible as allowed by law, just ask a librarian for a receipt.

You can contact The Friends of the Vallejo Public Library at:

Friends of the Vallejo Public Library JFK Library
505 Santa Clara
Vallejo, CA 94590