~ Annual Book Sale ~

There will be no annual book sale this year. However, we would like to remind everyone that there are books for sale year round in the library's book store.

~ Ongoing Sale ~

Year-round, the Friends have a continuing sale of books, videos, CDs and DVDs in the JFK Library. This inventory is constantly changing, so you will want to visit regularly to take advantage of these great bargains.

We also sell USB Flash Drives at the JFK Library and the Springstown Branch.

John F. Kennedy Library
505 Santa Clara Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
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For more information, contact us via e-mail at

~ Non-profit Groups/Community Organizations - Book Request Guidelines ~

The Friends of the Vallejo Library (Friends) commonly receive requests for books for various causes. Hopefully this information and guidelines will make it easier to fulfill such requests.

Annual Sale

The Friends currently holds an annual two week sale which usually starts at the end of March or the beginning of April. At the end of the sale, Friends often has excess books left over from the sale. The Friends has to pack up and move the books from the Vallejo Library’s Joseph Room so that the room can be used for other library functions. This normally is done within two or three hours of the closing of the sale. For groups that would like free books, this is the best time to obtain them. In order to receive free books, groups must be willing to help the Friends pack up all the left over material (books, tapes, records, etc). During this packing up phase, groups can choose books that meet their requirements. At the end of the period, groups can take the excess books with them at no charge. For groups that are unable to help with the clean up, books may still be available but at a nominal fee per box.

The following guidelines are applicable:

  1. priority will be given to groups that are members of the Friends of the Vallejo Library.
  2. groups obtaining books during the annual sale are required to supply their own bags and boxes to load and transport the books.
  3. groups may receive books for free or at greatly discounted rates at the end of the annual sale depending on their participation in the cleanup of the sale. Groups requesting to receive free or discounted books must contact the Friends via email (vallejofriends@gmail.com) prior to the sale and may be required to present their non-profit tax identification number.

After the Annual Sale

For time periods other than the annual sale, books may be available depending upon the current inventory at the time. If it is determined that books are available, groups may purchase unopened boxes of books in the category needed (e.g., children books, novels, biographies, etc) at a deeply discounted rate (typically $5-7 per box) from our normal selling price. Groups must contact the Friends via email (vallejofriends@gmail.com) to establish interest in such books, informing us of your group, its non-profit, fraternal or charitable status, their non-profit tax identification number, the uses of the books, and the amount of books requested. If books are available, your group will be contacted back by email to set up a date and time for pickup. It is the responsibility of the group to have the manpower to pickup and transport the books.

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